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Apex Legends Season 9: How To Level Up Legacy Battle Pass?

Want new cosmetics? Let’s see how to level up your battle pass in Apex Legends season 9

Apex legends is back with its season 9. Although the season is off to a shaky start, that’s the story for every new season of apex legends. Every season the developers come up with new cosmetics and characters. Upgrading the battle pass gives you access to these in Apex legends. Read further to know how you can level up your battle pass in apex legends season 9.

How To Level Up Your Battle Pass In Apex Legends Season 9?


Apex legends level up battle pass
Players need to get 10 stars to upgrade their battle pass. Stars can be gathered by doing multiple daily and weekly tasks. Daily tasks are fairly easy to complete, but the catch is that they do refresh every 24 hours. To complete daily tasks you will have to log in every day as the task will only be available for that day.
Weekly tasks are more rewarding but are more difficult as well. Killing using a specific weapon is one of the examples of a weekly task. Weekly tasks are there even when the week is over so you keep them down on your priority list. Weekly tasks fetch you more stars so we would recommend you to not skip them.

Players need to collect 10 stars to upgrade the battle pass this season, if you get more than 10 stars the balance will be carry-forwarded to the next battle pass upgrade. Players can change their daily tasks using the legend coins. Do spend carefully and choose a daily task that is easy to complete and aligns with your weekly task as well. With the new 3v3 arena there is a lot for players to unlock by upgrading the battle pass this season. While there isn’t any hard and fast deadline the earlier you upgrade, the better you get at the battle royal. You can also buy the battle pass upgrades using Apex coins, so if you have money to spare you won’t have to grind your way through.

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