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Apex Legends Season 5: No More Location-Based Weekly Challenges

They have been booted off the game

Apex Legend’s latest patch called Fortune’s Favor is here and it’s quite a massive update. Respawn Entertainment is leaving no stone unturned to keep players hooked to Apex Legends by solving issues and introducing big new additions.

One such change is the removal of location based weekly challenges. According to their patch notes, these challenges caused players to have mixed motivations from their squadmates and didn’t work well with map rotation.

For quite some time, players have been criticizing these challenges so this is good news. Instead of these weekly challenges, players can now focus on the seasonal quest which is The Broken Ghost. The goal in this season-long quest is to find nine pieces of a mysterious artifact. Here are some more things you can do in The Broken Ghost quest:

  • Collect Treasure Packs daily
  • Embark on weekly hunts into Kings Canyon at Night
  • Earn rewards and unlock serial chapters which tell The Broken Ghost story
  • Unveil a secret at the end after collecting all nine pieces

Based on all of this, Apex Legends Season 5 is going to be one that is full of adventure. Check out the full Apex Legends season 5 patch notes for more details.

This new patch is currently live for PC, Xbox One and PS4.