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Apex Legends Season 5 Mirage Tips – Why You Must Choose Him?

He got some new abilities

Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favor brings a lot of twists for Legends, Maps, and Weapons. Loba the new legend is cool enough to jump-drive in a second, while Mirage and a few other Legends got new abilities. If you are thinking to try out another Legend to play Apex Legends Season 5 then this guide is for you. We will be talking about Mirage, why this legend is the second-best option after Loba. How the new abilities make him better and what other Legends are best fitted for Season 5 Fortune Favor.

Is Mirage best for Apex Legends Season 5?

Mirage is boosted for this season, while other Legends also gets some enhancements. If you want to try out any other legend other than Loba, then Mirage must be on the top of the list.

Apex Legend Season 5 patch notes revealed Mirage comes with too many improvements. Also, players who are playing the new season shared Mirage is kind of a powerful legend to try one

Mirage’s Tactical Ability – Psyche Out allows him to summon a decoy. This decoy lasts for 60 seconds and is fully controllable. This decoy will mimic Mirage’s every move along with the Ultimate Ability.

Along with this Mirage can also bring in a team of decoys that will mimic his every move. Isn’t this sounds Mirage is overpowered for a short while? This Ultimate ability is called the Life of the Party.

The third and final Ultimate Now You See Me allow him to use a cloak when he is down. He can safely wait for a teammate for revival. With all these abilities Mirage can be a very strong Legend to use in Apex Legends Season 5.

Tactical: Psyche Out

  • Pressing the character utility action button allows
  • Mirage to gain control of his decoy.
  • When controlling the decoy, it will mimic Mirage’s every move.
  • Decoys now last for 60 seconds.
  • Releasing another decoy will remove the previous
  • decoy.

Ultimate: Life of the Party

  • Mirage deploys a team of decoys that mimic his every move (think “Emergency Dance Party” from DUMMIEs Big Day).
  • Cooldown 60 seconds.

Passive: Now You See Me…

  • In addition to cloaking when downed, Mirage also cloaks while using a respawn beacon and reviving a teammate (the teammate is also cloaked).
  • Mirage’s “You got Bamboozled” line will now trigger when you bamboozle an enemy, instead of when you release a decoy.

The above details form the official patch logs where you can clearly see major changes about the legend. Other ones like Bloodhound gets higher Sonar detection range for 3 to 41 seconds and the cool-down is reduced to 25 seconds.

Crypto can now ping banners and war teammates about nearby squads. Lifeline gets a 20% higher bin ratio. Mirage has been upgraded to the best version of himself, and here if you do not want to use Loba or looking for an alternative then Mirage will be the top contender to go with.