Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favor Loba Reveal

Season 5 of Apex Legends brings the unfinished story of Loba, the character whose parents Revenants kills in his character video. Revenant in his rage against Hammond the corporation who made him a machine, he targets significant members of Hammond the corporation

Loba turns to a life of crime and makes a name for herself as a prolific thief bagging jewels and other important things. It was revealed that Loba has been searching for Revenant all throughout her lore and finally finds him in the Apex Games.

Respawn Entertainment recently celebrated one year of Apex Legends which has had millions of players jump into the game. With Loba and her expert thieving skills, it will be nice to see how it all applies to Apex Legends.

Loba will come with Season 5 update named Fortune’s Favor on 12th of May 2020, it looks like she has a specific custom staff which will probably be an heirloom item and will probably be released sometime in the future.

As for her skills, not much is known except for the fact that she can teleport but not interdimensional like Wraith and she can snatch weapons from others before they get their hands on this.

This bit of ability will prove incredibly important as Apex Legends in one of the highest paced Battle Royale games out there. Hopefully, we should be getting more information about Loba and her character on the day the update goes live.

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