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Apex Legends Will Introduce A New Legend Called Forge With Season 4

Apex Legends is close to its first anniversary and to mark it Respawn Entertainment is celebrating by releasing Season 4 on February 4. Apex Legends developers hosted a Livestream and revealed the changes that are coming to the Battle Royale game.

Respawn is also bringing a new Legend by the name of Forge, he is an MMA champion and will be the first legend to be sponsored by a Titan Fall company named Hammond Robotics. It will be nice to see the special attack that Forge will have, as it is rumored to be something that will help him get close to the opponent and use his arms or legs instead of guns

The maps will also be altered a bit and all of this will mark the coming of Season 4, Apex Legends spoke about how big the community has grown bigger in the year and that they are excited about the future.

With Season 4 we will also get an addition to the weapons, as a new sniper is being added to the arsenal of Apex Legends, you will get to use the Sentinel, which is a bolt action sniper and will be more powerful than any other sniper in the game.

The Sentinel will also feature a charged shot capability which will help players deal a devastating shot for maximum damage. You can check out the rest of the video right down below.

Last but certainly one of the best things about the update is the fact that players will earn an XP boost for a limited time period and if you have been playing Apex Legends long enough, you will also get a paper crane gun charm, along with a new badge just to appreciate your presence in the game.

Apex Legends is developed by Respawn Entertainment and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.