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New L-Star LMG Will Be Available In Season 2 Of Apex Legends

The Season 2 of Respawn Games Apex Legends is almost upon us and it looks like there will be a ton of things that will make its way to the game, among the new costumes and the brand new character Watson we will also get lots of attachments.

As the new season gets closer we’re being treated to new things that have been previously been well hidden, among those have been a new weapon, the L-Star LMG, an automatic weapon with tremendous firepower and not much recoil. This gun, however, will not be available to find on the ground as it is only an airdrop weapon.


Along with the gun, Season 2 will bring new attachments to the game Hop-Ups, magazines, and Disruptor Rounds, which are compatible with a ton of weapons in the game.

Respawn is also making some changes to the loot pool available to the players which will help you get better guns and attachments when you are in the final moments of the game, along with this you can also find some changes made to amount of ammo you can carry, Shotgun ammo stacks have been reduced from 64 to 16, and energy ammo stacks have been upgraded from 60 to 80.

Season 2 seems to be big for Respawn and Apex Legends as we’re seeing something new revealed every day.