Apex Legends Player Said He Felt Like Idiot After Paying $500 For Rare Item

Overwatch, Rocket League doesn’t trigger insane spending

Free to play Battle Royale games have a simple yet effective money making revenue model where they offer in-game purchases of various items. In Apex Legends, a Battle Royale game by EA has a similar mechanism, but the game company has garnered bad reputation due to its Micro-transaction policy. Talking to Kotaku, 24 year old game player Cole said he spent around $500 on loot boxes to get an exclusive rare item. After getting it, he does not feel like it was worth to feed the cash.

Heirloom items are rare cosmetic in Apex Legends, there is hardly one percent chance of dropping but it is guaranteed if you are able to get 500 boxes. Cole in search for the item kept on opening up the boxes and when he finally got he felt like he just wasted his money.

Cole shared his experience of playing Rocket League and Overwatch, where he said the games does not provoke him to spent money.

These games didn’t tempt me into ludicrous spending. In my many hours in both games I probably spent less than $30 total,” he wrote. “I’ve never had much luck when it comes to loot boxes and despite wanting the items inside, I knew the math behind it and wasn’t going to throw my money around chasing the carrot on a stick – He said.

Cole further shared how we was urged to simply keep spending by opening box to box to reach heirlooms items were not enjoyable neither rare legendaries excited him. He just kept focusing on crate after crate. In the end he is finally able to get it, but his experience about the entire activity was lame.

Cole also said if he tell people about how much he spent they will definitely call him irresponsible or an Idiot. He also created a post on reddit to let the world roast him for what he did with an intention to warn others.

To be honest, best way to describe how I feel after spending the $500 would probably be in ‘shock, he said. “I’ve definitely made some ill advised purchases in the past on different things not gaming related but there’s just something different about spending so much on a random chance at virtual items that hold no real value to most people, you know?

Cole also compared Fortnite and concluded that even being a similar battle royale genre and has similar loot boxes with items, he does not really feel to spend like how he felt for Apex Legends. Overwatch and Rocket League are also in his list.

Source: Kotaku

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