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Apex Legends Might Release A New Legend Soon

Battle Royale games are the latest trend in gaming and people cannot get enough of them and that’s why we’re seeing frequent updates and changes being made to the game to make it more relevant and fresh and in a similar fashion, it looks like Apex Legends is ready to unveil it next legend to the game.


It is being speculated that the next legend to be revealed will be called Crypto, this comes after few data miners had unearthed files which pointed towards more legends being introduced to the game. According to the leaks they did point out that Octane and Wattson would be released. So it would be safe to believe this new leak.

Apex Legends though did send out a message earlier saying that these data miners were old and that they have been cut. Apex Legends has been doing just okay when compared to its release day numbers and may want to being new content to the game as soon as possible.

Tna Sanchez who is a developer on Apex Legends had this peculiar reply when asked about Crypto being released next


Season 2 of Apex was just released and by the time Season 3 starts in September it would be a great opportunity to bring any new character. Season 2 saw a bunch of changes being made to the map and the introduction of fylers and the dinosaur-like monster.

Apex Legends is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.