EA Plans To Release Apex Legends On Mobile Platform Soon

EA expanding Apex Legends on Android and iOS

EA during Earning Call shared info about the future of Apex Legends, the popular Battle Royale game. Following the success of the game, EA shared the game will be coming mobile soon but did not share any valid detail when? EA is prepared to expand Apex Legends on the mobile platform so considering this Apex Legend will available for download on Android and iOS in coming time.

PUBG has done astonishingly well on mobile is currently the most popular battle royale game on Android platform. Apex Legend on the other side made it’s way really well in between the competition stand tall among Fortnite and PUBG, expanding its platform and supporting the crossplay will add more to the game success. Expectation will be high on mobile platforms, especially when a stable crossplay can be possible between consoles, pc, and mobile platform.

EA is also planning to release the game in China soon, the expansion plans are big for Apex Legends, but there is a lack of info when the game developer will deliver the mobile version. Fortnite is all set to take on Nintendo Switch a further expansion to cover the max platforms.

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