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Why Is Apex Legends Mobile Shutting Down In 2023?

Why did EA decide to Shut Down Apex Legends & Cancel Battlefield Mobile? Here's everything you should know.

Despite being one of the biggest hits of 2022, Apex Legends Mobile is shutting down less than 1 year after its release. Released back in May 2022 it generated almost $5 Millions in revenue in its first week. It was even awarded GOTY Awards on both Android & iOS. So what caused Electronic Arts to take such a big step? Read this article till the end to know what exactly happened here.

Why is Apex Legends Mobile Shutting Down?

Why Is Apex Legends Mobile Shutting Down

A couple of hours ago, Respawn Entertainment (developers) came up with this unfortunate news on their Twitter Account. Wherein, it was stated that they have finally decided to sunset Apex Legends Mobile in May 2023. To be precise, the servers will completely stop working after May 1 at 4 pm PDT. Developers said they were not able to deliver their level best performance in terms of quality. It somehow became impossible to keep the game optimized along with maintaining a higher quality.

The decision to shut down the game was mutually taken by EA & Respawn. As of today, the 90-day countdown period for the sunset of Apex Legends Mobile has started. Further, after January 31 at 1 pm PST, all the real-time transactions will be locked. Before the game gets completely removed, players can use their balance Syndicate Gold.

Will Apex Legends Mobile be back in the Future?

Amidst all this chaos, devs gave us hope that this game may return in the future. According to the official Apex Legends Mobile Update Article (link), both partners are looking forward to exploring the Mobile platform. Sooner or later, we will hopefully be witnessing a reimagined Apex Legends-like Mobile game for sure.

Battlefield Mobile Getting Cancelled after Releasing in Beta

Battlefield Mobile Getting Cancelled after Releasing in Beta

The series of unfortunate events do not end with the shutdown of Apex Legends Mobile. EA has decided to cancel the much anticipated Battlefield Mobile as well. Though it received a mixed, mostly positive, response from the audience in its Beta phase, the news of it getting pulled down remains confirmed. Actually, EA decided to scrap down Industrial Toys, the developing company of Battlefield Mobile. Devs were unsure about the game’s potential to deliver up to the expectations.

Adding more to it, Battlefield Mobile was the only project Industrial Toys had with EA. Moreover, they failed to add many content updates in the games during service periods. So the graphs were already down for Battlefield Mobile.

Sadly, we will now have to bid our farewells to both Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile very soon.

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