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What Is KP In Apex Legends?

Confused about Kill Points in Apex Legends? Learn more about this resource.

KP or Kill Points is a new term in Apex Legends that has left many players baffled. However, it is worth knowing about this terminology as it can be pretty handy if you want to get far enough ahead in the game. So, scroll down and learn more about Kill Points and how they work in Apex Legends.

 How do KP or Kill Points work in Apex Legends?

What Is KP In Apex Legends

Kill Points or KP is a new assist multiplier in the game. Every KP that you will earn in the game will equal up to 10 RP in total. This also might increase on the basis of where your team ranks in the match. Every Assist or Kill that you get in the game will count to your Kill Points. For eg., if you have a combined 4 K/A, your KP will be 4. Every single kill or assist is counted as one KP. As of now the max amount of KP you can earn in a game is capped off at 6.

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You will be able to earn KP in Apex Legends simply by getting more kills or assists. As you get more KP, you will be able to earn more RP. And as players know, they will be able to progress further in the game with a higher amount of RP. Every Ranked Match that you enter will require you to use up your RP in the game.

However, if you play the Arena mode the terminology for the same will change to AP or Arena Points. So, if you were wondering why the KP stats don’t show up in the Arena matches, you now know why.

This is everything you need to know about KP or Kill Points in Apex Legends. While you are here you can also have a look at how to fix the Loading and Compiling Error.