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Apex Legends Is About To Get A Spooky Limited Time Event For Halloween

Apex Legends developers at Respawn games are getting into the Halloween spirit this year as they are looking forward to bringing a new limited-time game mode and the new game event will be called Fight or Fright and will run from Oct 15 until Nov 5.


This new game mode called Shadowfall will see players go back to King’s Canyon, though this time it will be night time and have a spooky atmosphere around it. After about 35 players have been downed in a match they will be turned into zombies and have faster movement and stronger melee attacks replacing their abilities.

Once there are only 10 players left in the game, the objective will be to return to an evacuation ship before the undead players can get to them. There will be cosmetic updates that will see new skins for characters and weapons alike.

This should bring about a new dimension for Apex Legends, though purchasing them through Event Apex Packs might result in another microtransaction controversy. You can check out more about the event right here.

Make sure that you check out the upcoming event for Apex Legends starting October 15, Apex Legends is developed by Respawn Games and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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