The Best Guns in Apex Legends That Will Help You Win

The Best Guns in Apex Legends

Apex Legends includes a whole arsenal of various weapons, which differ both in appearance (all guns are futuristic) and in characteristics. To save you from unnecessary fuss with the study of each barrel, we have prepared a guide on the best guns in Apex Legends, which are suitable primarily for beginners.


Factory Issue Pistol Apex Legends

We will start our Apex Legends tips from pistols. So, there are three pistols in the game, which are P2020, RE-45, and Wingman. The best choice for a quick kill is the Wingman revolver. It has a magazine for six bullets, as well as a good rate of fire, which allows you to quickly kill the enemy at short or medium range. The gun deals 45 damage to the body and 90 to the head.


Apex Legend Shotgun

The next on the list in our Apex Legends guide is shotguns. Among shotguns, the best one is the Mastiff. This is a very powerful weapon with a large recoil force. It shoots in a horizontal line. Unfortunately, this weapon is quite difficult to find, especially at the beginning of the match. With an exact hit from these weapons, the enemy will take up to 144 points of damage and 288 to the head. There are also two other important Shotguns: EVA-8 and Mozambique. The first shoots in automatic mode and the second is a mixture of a pistol and a shotgun. It makes it a very mobile weapon, which is ideal at close range.

Sniper Rifles

Apex Legends Sniper Rifles

Among the sniper rifles in Apex Legends, there are are the G7 Scout, Longbow, Triple Take, and Kraber. We advise you to pay attention to the last rifle called Kraber. It is the most powerful and capable of killing an enemy without armor from almost one shot. It deals 125 points of damage in the body and 250 in the head. Also, it has an optics switching mode. A good choice is also the G7 Scout with a semi-automatic shooting mode and good optics.

Assault Rifles

Apex Legends Assault Rifles

Three assault rifles are available, which include Flatline, Hemlock, and R-301. And the best one is the Flatline. It has very high accuracy and low recoil. So, this is great for shooting at close and long distances. A hit in the body does 16 damage and 32 in the head.

Submachine Guns

Apex Legends Sub-machine Guns

There are three types of submachine guns. Among them are Alternator, R99, and Prowler. The latter is perhaps the best weapon of this type of guns. It has five rounds in the store, each of which deals 14 points of damage if you shoot in body and 21 points of damage if you shoot in the head. And, of course, it is very fast. In the second place, we will put Alternator, which is not as fast as Prowler, but at the same time, it has higher accuracy.

Light Machine Guns

Apex Legends Light Machine Guns

In the game there are only three light machine guns, which include Devotion, L-STAR, and Spitfire. First of all, pay attention to Spitfire. Among the advantages of this automatic weapon is its quick reload and good accuracy. In addition, the longer the fire is fired from it, the faster its rate of fire. In addition, each bullet deals 20 damage to the body and 40 to the head.


It is worth noting that in Apex Legends a lot also depends on the chosen hero. The game has eight characters, each of which has unique skills. You can find out more about all the heroes in our other guides in order to learn how to play Apex Legends.