Apex Legends Brings The Origins Of Bloodhound In This Edition Of Stories from the Outlands

Apex Legends has brought us many characters since day one and each and every character is a bit mysterious with not much known about their backstory. Bloodhound who has been available in Apex Legends since day one of the launch is probably the most mysterious of them all.

The short film titled “The Old Ways” by Apex Legends, dives deeper into the lore of Bloodhound, how this genderfluid character came into the Apex games and became one of the most feared characters.

To begin with, we all know about Bloodhound abilities which can help the character detect enemies with their abilities, everything about Bloodhound is tailored to make him/her a predator, the character abilities, passive, tactical and ultimate make him/her one of the best legends in the game.

The short-film shows the origin of Bloodhound as a small child goes out on a hunt and is shunned for using a firearm to protect itself, this moment kicks off the story of the character that we have come to love and adore and if you are an Apex Legends players is something that you cannot miss.

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind Apex Legends has created a similar storyline for other iconic characters in the game as well. We had Wraith, Crypto, Watson and the recently deceased The Forge all premier before.

These little insights about a character’s past give more attention to the character and make it more understandable as to why they are as they are in the game. Apex Legends is set in the same universe as the Titanfall series but in a future timeline.

It will be incredible to see it there is a limited timed mode around Bloodhound or will there be a new map added to the game that lets Bloodhound dominate in its natural habitat. Make sure to check out GamerTweak for more news about Apex Legends and other games.