Apex Legends Best Guns Guide – Best Weapons You Will Need To Survive

Best Shotguns, Energy Rifle, Sniper & Pistol

Apex Legends is a fast paced Battle Royale game, without good weapons you cannot survive for long. In this Apex Legends Best Guns Guide we bring you some best pistols, rifles and their weapon stats that will help you to decide to get the best one only. Having a good load-out is a key to win in Apex Legends, either you are a beginner or a pro player, best weapons means you get maximum best shots to kill opponents.

Best Guns And Weapon Tier List

Below is the list of top weapons every player must run for in Apex Legends, keep reading to learn why they are best.

R-301 Carbine

With 28 Damage and 14 per body shot, the rifle is light and offer fast fire rate. The weapon is an ideal weapon to begin with due to its low recoil rate. It can offer you a fast paced shooting when you are not far from enemies. Remember the weapon works best in close range, it is good for players who hate camping.


Similar to R-301 Carbine, Alternator is ideal for close range attack. The good part of this weapon is its high fire rate, within few seconds you can fill up your enemy with guns. The only annoying part of Alternator is its low magazine capacity, it asks for a lot of reloads that can put you in tough situation. With 19 Head-shot and 13 Body shot look for Alternator instead of any heavy weapon.


With 165 head-shot and 100 body shot, Peacekeeper is an ideal weapon for many good reasons. It is very powerful and it can almost kill anyone at close rate. The thing it locks is a slow fire rate, compare to which EVA-8 is good but lacks the strength. Peacekeeper brings a nice balance between close and long range shooting, it is something you can always carry, a best secondary weapon in Apex Legends.


With 32 headshots and 16 body shot Flatline is a full auto gun. It is a flexible mid-range weapon that demands accuracy. If you are good enough to handle this gun you can draw out some serious results with Flatline. Try adding an extended weapon so that you don’t have to worry for bullets. Flatline is a reliable gun and good for staying long in the game. It is important to learn to handle it properly and achieve max accuracy on every shot. The auto-mode does half of your work.


Havoc is an energy assault rifle, which can shoot laser on long range shots. With the help of single shot mod you can turn this weapon into a killing machine. A tier-A weapon is ideal for players, who prefer to play from distance. It is strong and can take down anyone in the range with one shot.

Devotion LMG

Devotion LMG similar to Havoc is an energy weapon, it shoot energy ammos. It is a pretty strong gun and requires a bit of warm-up before you release a second shot. With the help of Turbocharger attachment the weapon can overcome its shortcoming and deliver high accuracy and damage. It is something every player wants because it is ideal for all kind of ranges. With 34 headshot and 17 body shot, the weapon can release true havoc in enemies group.

Longbow DMR

The sniper for snipers, this weapon is a reliable but demands skills. It is not a child play and requires lot of precision to kill someone. The weapon has a slow fire rate, and but allows you to shoot constantly. Another major issue is if you miss someone he can spot you pretty easily, but if you are good enough to learn Longbow DMR you will become unstoppable. The weapon offers 110 Damage and 55 Body Shot. Triple Take is another awesome rifle in the game and highly recommended if you find any. The weapon gives 138 Damage and 69 body shots.


With 90 headshots and 45 body shots, Wingman is small yet handy pistol. It is known for its strength and it can be your savior if you are not having something good with you. Wingman can cause high damage on body shot all you need is to go near to an enemy, with some good attachments the weapon performance can be boosted.

I want to add a few more weapons in my list Mastiff and Kraber. Mastiff is a powerful shotgun while Kraber is a rifle. It is also necessary to learn about different weapon tier so that when you pick something you know the strength and weakness. Even if you learn properly about all the weapons above it won’t be hard for you to survive.

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