Apex Legends Beginners Tips And Tricks | Guide

Tips You Will Need To Start With Apex Legends

Fortnite and PUBG is a hit and now EA is trying its hands on Battle Royale genre by offering Apex Legends. The gameplay mechanism is similar where you land into a massive map, shoot down opponents, gather loots and do a bit more compared to other Battle Royale games. The game is free-to-play and if you are bored with existing titles then tries Apex Legends.

Beginners Tips And Tricks To Play Like Pro in Apex

Some basic things mentioned below will help you to ace the game fast if you had already consumed Fortnite or PUBG. Apex borrows many things from the popular Battle Royale Genre but comes with a twist.

Zero Fall Damage, No Matter From How High You Jump

Yes, Apex Legends removes the unnecessary fall damage that consumes player’s health. No matter from what height you and your squad jump there will be 0 Damage. This is an important point to remember, in case you are stuck and the escape point is right below then just jump.

Pick The Right Legend

You have to pick an avatar to start the game, there are ample of Legends pick the one that interests you the most. Check the load-outs and feature before you jump into a battle. It is also necessary to have a look at your team players. What character they pick and how it will help you to take down opponents.

Be A Jump Master or Let Others Take The Lead

Similar to other Battle Royale game you will jump from the plane into a huge map. The Jumpmaster takes the lead, this is random. Either you will be picked or anyone of your team member. The objective is to follow the Jumpmaster on the mission, if you are selected as one and don’t want the pain then you can transfer this job to any other teammate.

Sharing Is Caring

In Apex Legends players can share their extra loot like ammo, or medkits. If you have extra share with your team and tell your team also to do the same. This will be adding more to your survival, so always be ready for sharing items.

Learn The Controls Well

You can summon a shield in front of your team to save them from an incoming attack. Plan and use it well, it can bring a major difference in your winning and lose. Understanding controls are important for doing this. So you have to be familiar with all the controls respective to your platform. Go to the game menu for detailed controls and their associated activities.

Stay Near The Revive Machine

You can revive your teammates in Apex Legends by carrying their banner towards the Revive machine and they will fall from the sky. Just walk over their dead body and take the player banner towards the machine. It is necessary to understand the Revive Machine location because once used it stops working. So moving around and staying near the Revive Machine will help to strategize your team’s survival in Apex Legends.

Hunt For Legendary Loot

Legendary Loots means high tier weapons, they are rare and are limited in the game. The color defines whether the loot you received is Legendary or common. If you see Orange then you find something unique, it is important to keep hunting for Legendary Loot to get better gears. They can take more damage.

Use Voice Chat

Keep talking with each other so that you and your teammate can stay in sync. There are chances you might land among an experienced squad, they will help you to find enemies location or you can do the same. It is necessary to stay alert and find where your friend has died. You can tackle opponents easily and also revive your team. If you are not a fan of talking then use the Ping system.

It’s a Team Game

There are 60 players in 20 squads in every round. You can see a counter on the top right of HUD that will tell you the left players. Apex Legends is more like a team game, every group will require eliminating others to survive. The game is really fast you have to keep a good place to find the enemies first.

Learn The HUD

The HUD will give you all the necessary information while playing. For example, the indicator on the middle left shows the phase. The circle shrinks in every phase and when you see, it’s time to find a safe area to avoid unnecessary damage. Also, this is the time when the hiding enemies will try to find shelter.

Kill The Robotic Spider For Extra Loot

You will see tiny robotic spiders, kill it to get some extra loot, also the creatures are sometime in a different color that defines the kind of loot rarity they are carrying.

The guide is not over, revisit back and we will update more beginners tips.

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