Apex Legends Adds 400 More Levels and Much More In Latest Update

Prasad More
2 Min Read

Apex Legends has finally found its stride with the release of Season 3 and now they have announced that they will be adding 400 more levels to the game. This new announcement is surely going to make a lot of players really excited.

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game and just like any other Battle Royale, you had up to 100 levels to reach the top, now with the addition of another 400 levels, the developers at Respawn Entertainment want to make sure that the players never leave the game.

The new levels will be added on December 3 and players will start earning more and more Apex Packs. These Apex Packs will contain charms as well which players can hang on their weapons to make it more personalized.

As players go up the ranks they will earn rewards in order which is shown below:

Level 2—20: One pack every level
Level 22—300: One pack every two levels
Level 305—500: One pack every five levels

Apex Packs contain, skins for weapons as well as character intros and more. Apex Legends has found its audience after struggling to find the same response which they did during launch. You can check out more right here.

As of right now, Apex Legends is currently the second most favorite Battle Royale game only behind Fortnite, the intent seems quite clear that Apex is battling for the Apex spot and it looks like they might get it soon.