Genshin Impact: Unlock Apam Woods Underground Teleport Waypoint (Sumeru)

Here's how to unlock the Underground Teleport Waypoint in Apam Woods of Genshin Impact.

The world of Genshin Impact is filled with multiple quests and events that you will come across. While completing some of them progresses you further in the story, others help with the resources and item part. Both of which are important in your journey through the fantasy land of Teyvat. As players are exploring the new Sumeru region in Teyvat, they will encounter new locations, new enemies, and even new quests. New locations also imply the introduction of new Teleport Waypoints. This guide is on a hidden underground Teleport Waypoint that you will unlock in the Apam Woods in Genshin Impact. Since you are here for this, check out how to get to it.

How to Unlock Apam Woods Underground Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Unlock Apam Woods Underground Teleport Waypoint

There are numerous Teleport Waypoints in Genshin and each of these ease traveling for the players. While the location is not hard to find, you will come across it amidst a quest. So we recommend you check out this guide first. Here’s how to Unlock Apam Woods Underground Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact:

  • You will unlock this Teleport Waypoint as part of the Varuna Gatha Questline. After you complete the Varuna Gatha World Quest, there will be a few more quests that you have to complete.
  • If we talk specifics, during the Quest A Prayer for Rain on the Fecund Land will you be able to unlock the waypoint.
  • During the quest, you will get to jump down into an underground tunnel called The Rain’s End.
  • As you follow the quest marker and head into the depths of the tunnel you will come across a clearing.
  • On the left side of the clearing, you will find the Apam Woods Underground Teleport Waypoint. Interact with it and then the waypoint will be unlocked in Genshin Impact.

That’s all on how to unlock Apam Woods Underground Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact. While you are here, make sure you check out more guides on Genshin Impact with Gamer Tweak.

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