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Does Fortnite Have An Anticheat System?

Here is everything you need to know about Fortnite and its anticheat system.

With the rise of noticeable cheaters and hackers in Fortnite, players have started to find it difficult to believe that it has a functioning anti-cheat system. However, unlike some Battle Royale games, Fortnite actually has the best or at least one of the most effective anti-cheat systems in the Battle Royale genre. Unfortunately, hackers have gotten smarter and better at cheating. In this guide, we will let you know what is up with the anticheat system in Fortnite.

New Anticheat System in Fortnite

New Anticheat System in Fortnite

With all of the new hacking softwares taking over Fortnite without being detected, Fortnite has had to update its anticheat system. Previously, Fortnite only used two anti-cheat software. These were, EasyAntiCheat and Battle Eye. Now, the game is also adding Hyperion to the mix. This will make it the third addition that will (hopefully) keep cheaters away.

These softwares detect hackers that are using external cheats and throw them out before they can do any damage on the field. Most hackers use aimbot and wallhacks to have an unfair advantage in the game. This cheating has been rampant in Chapter 3 of the game more than others. With hackers able to even cheat in official tournaments without being detected. One of these is the unapologetic BobbyTheDog that used to be part of the pro team LeTsHe.

With the addition of Hyperion, hopefully, the number of hackers in the game will reduce. This will give aspiring Fortnite players a chance to go pro without having to worry about hackers taking first place every single time.

This was your guide on whether Fortnite has an anticheat system and what systems do they use. We hope that Fortnite is able to keep the hackers away with their newest anti-cheat system to keep the gaming field fair.

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