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Anthem VIP Preload Demo Is Live, Here Are Download Links

Anthem VIP Demo is Live, Preload started on January 23 and Bioware is all set to present its new IP to the world. If you are still struggling to gather enough details on VIP Demo Download Links and how to invite three friends to play with then keep reading.

Anthem VIP Demo features a Friends Pass, anyone having access to VIP Demo can invite three other friends to play a 4-Squad game. VIP Demo is not available for everyone, there are certain requirements.

To continue inviting friend’s login to your EA Account, get the Friend’s Pass Referral Link and use that to invite three of your friends on PS4 or Xbox One. VIP Demo will be active for a limited time, so hurry up. Anthem is an online Multi-player Action Adventure game, this could be the beginning. Bioware is offering a 4-squad game demo and later we will uncover more on the game. PC players can visit the Origin site and search Anthem game, there is a link dedicated to test the VIP Demo.

Players will explore Fort Tarsis Social Hub and many open-world missions, along with 2 Javelin Suits. The progress will be carried forward, as usual, it happens for other games, this VIP Demo is limited to pre-ordered buyers and members of EA and Origin Access Subscribers.