How To Get Best Weapons In Anthem By Crafting Blueprint

Unlock Blueprints

Finding Best Weapons in Anthem is possible through multiple ways. In this Anthem Best Weapons guide I will show you the best possible way that works and save your time. Also your comfort with the weapons matter, once you bind your senses with the weapons it becomes easier to point and shoot. In this guide you can get best weapons in Anthem by crafting blueprints, so let’s begin.

Anthem How To Get Best Weapons Through Crafting Blueprints

There are certain ways you can follow to unlock blueprints, and then comes crafting. Keep reading to know more.

Tips to find Best Weapons in Anthem

Anthem has two ways to get weapons, first you can go with the traditional way of completing missions. By playing different mission you will get weapons in it, and as well as you find chest. Opening the chest will reward new weapons. This demands grinding and can be time consuming. But there is a second way called as crafting. All you need is to find Blueprint, after having it you can unlock the weapon. Using Embers you can make your way all the way to get the best weapon.

Unlocking Blueprint: Raise Faction Loyalty

To unlock you have to raise your faction loyalty and rank them up to get reward. You will earn components and sigil blueprints depending on the loyalty level. For weapon blueprints you have to complete specific challenges to earn blueprints, the more you complete, the higher rewards you will get. To get challenges you have to explore, because there is no specific place set for getting them. You will many enemies, kill them and get the rewards. Through Main Menu under Challenges you will find the description of new challenge you got, for example terminating 10 legendary enemies.

Completing them will reward you blueprint, this is the fastest way to unlock weapons in Anthem.

Once you get the blueprint you have to gather the raw material for crafting, and visit the forge to craft them.

Get Masterwork Item & Gear

Ample of time the required raw material for crafting is Masterwork Embers, it is available through loots. You get loots when you play missions as well as challenges. Also don’t forget to search in Treasure Chest. Same thing is applicable to search Masterwork Gear. According to our players there is around 30 to 35 mission in every challenge or in World Events.

To save your time if you think the challenges are too big to finish, and then look into Daily Challenges, Expeditions, Contracts and Stronghold Events. Focus more on the last one Stronghold Events, which is one of the most recommended mission, because it can reward you legendary weapons. You can later upgrade them.

How fast you can get blueprints also relies on player level, this is where the game difficulty affects your time. But if you properly scan the challenges you will find something with amazing rewards.

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