Anthem Pilot Level Rewards Unlock As You Earn XP | Guide

Unlock New Reward At Each Level

You will earn XP while playing Anthem and once the XP bar is filled enough you unlock a new Level. At each level, there are some awards that keep on unlocking till you reach the Max Level. We found Award unlock for Max Level 30, there are chances there might be more, but right now we are sure enough about the highest Level we found in Anthem.

Anthem Rewards Unlock List At Each Level

You will earn various wards once you unlock a Level, this includes Forge Slots, Match Consumables, and new Javelins. Below is the list of all Levels and the awards you will unlock after achieving it.

Level Rewards List

  1. Level 2 – New Javelin Unlocked
  2. Level 4 – Weapon Slot Unlocked
  3. Level 6 – Basic Component Slot Unlocked
  4. Level 8 – Consumables Slot Unlocked
  5. Level 10 – Support Slot Unlocked
  6. Level 12 – New Javelin Unlocked
  7. Level 14 – Minor Component Slot Unlocked
  8. Level 16 – Major Component Slot Unlocked
  9. Level 18 – Consumable Slot Unlocked
  10. Level 20 – New Javelin Unlocked
  11. Level 22 – Basic Component Slot Unlocked
  12. Level 24 – Minor Component Slot Unlocked
  13. Level 26 – Consumable Slot Unlocked
  14. Level 28 – New Javelin Unlocked
  15. Level 30 – Major Component Slot Unlocked
  16. Level 30 – Grandmaster Difficulties Unlocked

Unlocking each level will give you a slot, component or javelin suit. Also at the max level, you will unlock Grandmaster Difficulties where you can play the game in hard mode. While playing you will also earn various Trophies and Achievements, also read our Control guide that will help you to fly Javelin like a pro.

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