Anthem Players Face Log-in Failures During Launch For PC and Xbox

Anthem is off to a successful launch, though not entirely. The launch was specifically only for PC and Xbox players which means PlayStation owners will have to wait till 22nd of February to play the game. This isn’t even the worst part of the problems for gamers as the servers seemed to crash and many players were unable to log in to their accounts.

The official Anthem Twitter account was tweeting constantly to reassure players that things were being looked at and that a solution was being worked on and was guiding players on how to access the game.

This isn’t new for Anthem, same difficulties were faced during the launch of the VIP demo and the open demo of the game. But the issue was swiftly solved and players could finally log in to their accounts.

But it still produces doubt in the minds of the players if they are unable to play Anthem which will drive players away from the title.

There was a huge discussion about Anthem before and during the demo launch about EA, and their previous mishaps about microtransactions which were answered by the developers as the launch of the game crept closer.

Anthem has been positively received by almost everyone and even those who are conflicted have only the issues of microtransactions and the handling of a mass number of players online at the same time and these server issues instil these feelings among people.

We hope that this is an isolated issue and does not ruin the fun that Anthem promises to give with a beautiful landscape, with a world to explore in mech suits fighting monsters and living out an old childlike wish.

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