Where To Find Ember In Anthem Lighting A Fire Mission

Use our map screenshots to instantly collect all 4 Embers

Lighting In Fire is a mission an Anthem. The objective is to find three pieces of Ember. Ember is in-game harvesting material, a raw item that is required later for crafting and other upgrades. It can be found in the open world through bonus drops. You can find them easily by constantly harvesting different Organic Materials or Minerals in Anthem. If you are stuck in the mission Lighting In Fire and unable to find Ember then keep reading our guide, we give you exact location with map screenshots.

Where to Find Ember (Lighting a Fire Mission)

There are four places and their map screenshots with pointers on them and the steps to reach the Ember.

4 Ember Map Locations with Screenshot

Sometime you might not find Ember in the below location because of some player had already looted or because of its random spawn, keep exploring.

Ember 1 Location:


In the above map screenshot head to the cliff, fly to the south west of Great Tales Canyon. The marker as shown in the image will take you to a cliff, search around the edge and you will find an ember.

Ember 2 Location:


For next Ember fly to East Gate and head to the river, there is a point as marked on the map. Go there and search around to get the next Ember.

Ember 3 & 4 Location:


Next two are in the same region of East Gate, go further south and scan the area as marked on the map. You will find two Embers in the same place. One is placed on the ground near the mountain wall and another one is near a huge structure with a hole in center.

Try exploring nearby regions there are chances these are already looted and so you are unable to find them. Anthem is all about exploration, harvesting and crafting items.

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