Anthem Lead Producer Is Leaving BioWare Casting Its Future In Doubt

EA and BioWare’s Anthem has been underwhelming at best and it has been riddled with controversy and a failure to deliver things promised during launch. To make matters worse lead producer Ben Irving, one of the only person vocal about the game is about to leave BioWare.

The future of Anthem looks incredibly bleak, and the game has encountered problems ever since it was launched, the Cataclysm event which was promised soon after launched was released last week to underwhelming responses.

Most of the people at BioWare seem to have already shifted their attention towards different games while only a handful few are keeping Anthem alive. Ben Irving released the news of him quitting BioWare on his personal Twitter account saying,

Anthem was promised to have a lot of content as to what was delivered, the game also faced several connectivity issues and since release has been constantly battling to be online as there was a mass exodus of players leaving the game soon after launch.

EA and BioWare still are hopeful of Anthem making a comeback in the future and will have more content then what was promised earlier, but it looks like those promises will be left unfulfilled.

Anthem is developed by EA and BioWare and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4,