Anthem Launch Bay Allows 16 Players Tweeted Executive Producer

Bioware introduced Anthem long back that raised tons of questions about this Online Multiplayer Action Game. One thing is crystal clear that Anthem allows a group of players in form of a squad to take on a common objective. Like Monster Hunter World or Destiny. Players log-in and wait on a commonplace before they begin their missions. This social hub act as a mode of interaction and offers different activities also. Anthem’s Social Hub where players login-in to start their objective is called as Launch Bay.

Upto 16 players can be part of Launch Bay, tweeted by Executive Producer Mark Darrah on twitter, in a reply to a question – How many players can be in Social Hub? VIP Demo is offering access to 4-players currently to test one region in Anthem. This indicates the final release is much bigger then what we are witnessing.

Mark just tweeted the number, it is unclear yet whether all 16 players can participate in a common objective or they will be joining in squads. Another vital info tweeted by Lead Producer Michael Gamble revealed players will be closely tethered on a common mission. This also gives us a glimpse of the multiplayer mechanism, which is just a beginning.

Right now it’s confirmed that up to 16 players can stand in Launch Bay and after that what will be the possible next step. Will it let players to join a squad on their choice or team up to target a common objective. We will keep on revealing tons of fascinating facts on Anthem, keep visiting.

Anthem is releasing on 22 February 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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