Anthem Storm Javelin Class Guide – All Abilities, Gears and Tips

Storm is the Pilot in Anthem, the suit carries the ability to stay in the air. This brings a little extra advantage to get a wide view of the enemy’s location and execute attacks with minimum efforts. Storm looks like a mage you can use its elemental abilities to assist your squad. Storm lacks defense, it is weak on the ground but in the air, it has good range along with hover shield. This makes Storm powerful assistance to save allies in trouble.

Storm Javelin Class – Storm

Use Storm’s ability to stay in the air, when you are hovering you are away from enemies. So you are somewhat safe from a direct attack, this can be a big advantage. Use the range for your max benefit, use the attacks to break enemies defense.

Storm Javelin Abilities:

Focus Seal:

  • Frost Shards: Shoot frozen shards, enemies in contact with the attack will freeze slowly making them immobile and defenseless.

Ultimate Ability:

  • Elemental Storm: Summon a torrent of energy on a target enemy destroying them in no time.

Storm Javelin Gears:

Blast Seals:

  • Lightning Strike: Summon targeting strike to cause lightning damage.
  • Ice Storm: Set targeted fields of ice that will explode causing frost damage and freezing enemies.
  • Flame Burst: Use this to release quick explosions that cause fire damage at a targeted location.
  • Ice Blast: Summon huge chunks of ice and freeze enemies in the range.
  • Living Flame: Shoot a burst of flame energy that will seek and ignite the enemy.

Focus Seals:

  • Frost Shards: Attack enemies with shards of ice to freeze them.
  • Burning Orb: You can quickly fire small shots or charge it for a larger projectile that will explode and cause damage to enemies.
  • Shock Burst: Attack enemies behind cover by using electric energy, it can bounce of wall and attack enemies in cover.
  • Glacial Spear: Shoot a beam of the ice energy beam on the target.
  • Arc Burst: Summon a bolt of lightning that will leap to nearby targets causing heavy damage.

Support Seals:

  • Wind Wall: Block enemy projectiles by summoning a translucent wall.
  • Quickening Field: Create a field that will reduce the cooldown on abilities for your squad in the range.

On ground, you can push enemies away and take a position to shoot them down instantly. But you can target one single enemy at a time. Storm can act as a good support to the squad, because of its hovering abilities. It can guide his squad for a strategic attack, but if you are playing alone then test the suit with different load-outs.