Anthem Colossus Javelin Class Guide – All Abilities, Gears and Tips

Colossus is a big boy Javelin in Anthem, slow but strong. No-one will wish to tackle a heavily armored angry Colossus, the suit is popular for its power. Tagged as the Hulk War Machine, Colossus is a no-mercy suit. It carries a Shield for defense and can target multiple enemies.

Anthem Javelin Class – Colossus

I see Colossus as an amazing break-even point and a friendly backup. The suit can take serious hits but lacks speed. Staying in sync with your squad matters the most while on a common mission. The Tank can equip heavy weapons like a machine gun.

Colossus Suit Abilities:

Melee Ability:

  • Heavy Smash – Jump into the enemies with a powerful strike, you can dive in and stun the enemies for a while.

Ultimate Ability:

  • Siege Artillery – Kill the enemies with a powerful rocket, no chance to run.

Special Skills:

Heavy Assault Gear:

  • Flame Thrower: Shoot a stream of fire and burn everything in your way.

Ordnance Launcher:

  • High Explosive Mortar: Shoot an explosive missile to destroy multiple enemies in the radius.

Assault Gears:

Ordnance Launcher:

  • Lightning Coil – Attack a random enemy with an arc of electricity.
  • Shock Coil – Attack multiple enemies with electric waves.
  • High Explosive Mortar – Target small area with explosive projectiles along with enemies in it.
  • Burst Mortar – Attack close range enemies with mini-mortars.
  • Firewall Mortar – Shoot wall of flame to burn everything.

Heavy Assault Launchers:

  • Siege Artillery – Target enemies with a big rocket.
  • Flame Thrower – Shoot fire, burn down enemies in the range.
  • Flak Canon – Attack enemies with a shot-range scattershot blast.
  • Railgun – Use a strong kinetic projectile to attack a single targeted enemy.
  • Venom Spitter – Shoot with acid shots on enemies.

Support Gear

  • Battle Cry: Make enemies attack you while reducing their elemental and physical resistance.
  • Shield Pulse: Damage Resistance Buff for allies.

Colossus is a good support and attack suit, it can make enemies to divert their attacks towards himself and give his allies chance to survive. Also, Colossus can reward some Damage Resistance buff that can be a reason for victory or defeat. Heavy Smash is best defending against clearing up small enemies in your way. The shield adds extra power to the suit making it a strong and unstoppable monster.