Anthem shows off Free Expedition mode in new video

Anthem is generating a lot of interest ahead of its release next month and the pre-release footage looks absolutely amazing, with a robust and fluid combat mode coupled with a swift aerial gliding motion, this game looks like it is going to cause a bit of a storm in the gaming community.

Anthem Free Expedition Mode

The new footage courtesy of IGN shows how a new gameplay mode titled Freeplay Expeditions shows its ability to let players take on the most simplistic missions that are randomized and tasks them with various battles and objectives. Not only that but it will also let hardcore players grind and earn new gear while exploring the vast world the game is based in.

The exo suits are an amazing concept and we have seen a lot of it before but this game takes it to another level, it grabs on to what most games left out and this is one the most definite difference about Anthem. Players all over the world have been waiting to get their hands on the demo to test out the game and to maybe get used to how the game engine works before the actual release to have a clear advantage against new users.

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The VIP demo for this game comes out on January 25 – 27 and another one will be released just shortly after. The game is releasing on February 22nd and it will be fun to see how this game stacks up against those who have dominated this genre.

You can check out the gameplay below

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