Anthem Relegated To EA Access Seven Months After Launch

It looks like Anthem’s rise was all the hype it managed to gather before the launch of the game as Anthem’s popularity has been falling ever since. The game was received with mixed reviews upon launch and one problem after the other has deteriorated the game enough to be made available for EA Access.

Anthem has had the worst possible luck attached to it and delegating it to EA Access further proved that potential alone cannot drive a game up, the developers at BioWare and EA had promised big things with Anthem and after a chaotic production cycle Anthem was released in February 2019.

Anthem’s standard edition will be made available in EA Access and while those who bought PC only Origin Access Premier tier of service will get the Legion of Dawn edition, this only delivers an extra bit of armor each class of the mech’s in the game called Javelins.

anthem review

Anthem is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4, though the developers had a 10-year plan in mind while launching Anthem it is really difficult to even fathom a proper one-year operation for the game.

Plenty of controversies have derailed the game and both BioWare and EA had to suffer major losses during and after the production of Anthem.