How To Make The Best Use Of Your Javelin’s Combo Attacks

The combat aspect of Anthem is maybe the best part of the game, though Anthem maybe marred because of bugs and other issues, but when you hit incoming enemies with your combo attacks it elevates you to another level completely.

Combos look magnificent in this game, and hitting them with precision is the key to take down bigger worse enemies and it is extremely helpful if you have a strategy in place.

Combos in Anthem work just as in any other game, you hit enemies with multiple abilities which cause more damage. You have to hit these in sequence.

You can throw a frost grenade which will prime your enemies, if you or a teammate hits them with another ability it will be counted as a combo. It really is as simple as that, but a lot harder to master once you’ve seen the catalogue of abilities and items to prime and detonate this game has to offer.

You will have to keep an eye out on which abilities have these special characteristics, as not all possess these


If there isn’t any symbol on the ability, it means that it will not count towards at a combo attack and will deal straight attack.

If there is a dot inside a circle, it means it is a primer and you can use it with other abilities, the same goes for if you see an icon with spikes and four points on it, that means that it is a detonator and you can combine these two attacks to great effect.

Combos will be different for every javelin which gives them a unique set of skills and core personality.

Ranger: Combos are focused on a single enemy, making Rangers extremely good against bosses.

Colossus: The tank has area damage, which is good for taking out a horde of an enemy and protecting your teammates while wreaking havoc in the battlefield.

Storm: Combos will deal damages to not only your target but also to nearby enemies, making the Storm good for taking out a small group of enemies.

Interceptor: Combos give the Interceptor an elemental aura, which you can then use to damage other enemies. This makes Interceptors good for more tactical combo decisions.

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Anthem is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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