Anthem Has A Countdown Timer Signalling A New Cataclysm Event

If you remember EA and BioWare’s Anthem, you might also remember the pain that you had to go through after the game reportedly suffered bugs and crashes and every possible negative backlash it could. There was a huge storm event which was promised but never delivered but now it seems like things are starting to change.

Things went bad to worse for Anthem as deadlines weren’t met and the game looks different from the E3 gameplay trailer and the actual release.

Worse was when EA and BioWare representatives declined to talk about the game for months which derailed the game, Anthem had a promise to it, there were few things the game got right but ultimately it felt hollow and broken from the get-go.

It looks as though a pre-Cataclysm event is about to start in Anthem. There is a strange countdown timer in the game, like the one you’ve never seen before and it is counting down to something big happening in a week’s time.

anthem cataclysm event timer
The event is titled The Oncoming Storm but as of right now, there haven’t been any more details about it being released. We’ve had Cataclysm events in the past in Anthem but nothing came remotely close to the one we’ve seen in the trailer before the game was launched.

A lot of the players had requested for refunds as Anthem tanked upon release and it looks like for those who have kept the game, Anthem finally might redeem itself. It is highly unlikely the entire game will be patched up and fixed but it is nice to think it might happen one day.

Anthem was developed by EA and Bethesda and released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Source: Redditor u/Elendel19