AWTD Tier List 2023 – Best Anime World Tower Defense Units

Here is the Tier List for every unit in Anime World Tower Defense.

Anime World Tower Defense players are looking for a Tier List for the best units in the game. This game is developed by Lazy Cat Studio and has characters from popular anime like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, and more. But while you may have many characters to choose from not all of them are the strongest in the game. So in this guide let us take a look at the Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD) Tier List.

Anime World Tower Defense Units Tier List

best units tier list for anime world tower defense

Before we check the list these are just my recommendations for the best units in AWTD. You might feel that the unit you use is better and wrongly placed on this list. That is fine as each unit has an element that gives them a chance to outmaneuver even some of the S Tier characters. Beginners will find this list the most helpful, and even existing players can find it useful.

AWTD Tier List

Unit Tier Unlock Rarity
Charuto [Chakra Mode] S Tier UR
Capsule Girl S Tier SR
DarkHollow S Tier LR
Purgatory S Tier LR
Manala S Tier LR
RedHair S Tier LR
Unlimited S Tier LR
Barust S Tier LR
RedArcher S Tier LR
Kongkun[SSJG] S Tier UR
DragonEye S Tier UR
Cotaro S Tier SR
Jonos A Tier UR
Todororo A Tier R
Veshita[SSJG] A Tier UR
Hoku[100%] A Tier UR
Silent A Tier UR
Konghan[SSJ] B Tier UR
SoulPanther B Tier UR
Shizaku B Tier UR
PinkHairBoy B Tier UR
Kasuke[Susanoo] B Tier UR
Kroly C Tier SR
Takashi C Tier SR
Ruffy[TS] C Tier SR
Kongkun[SSJ] C Tier SR
HunterKid C Tier SR
Killer C Tier SR
Veshita[Majin] C Tier SR
Pane C Tier SR
Salo[TS] C Tier SR
Sanjiro C Tier SR
OneEyeMonster D Tier R
Misuko D Tier R
PsychicBoy D Tier R
Arter D Tier R
VirtualSwordman D Tier R
VirtualSwordman[Gun] D Tier R
BeastMask D Tier R
Salo D Tier R
Koolin D Tier R
BlackLeg D Tier R
Charuto D Tier R
Charuto[Sage] D Tier R
Kasuke[Akatsuki] D Tier R
Tobara D Tier R
Blossom D Tier R
Vuno F Tier R
Almon F Tier R
Ruffy F Tier C
Kongkun F Tier C
Uchigo F Tier C
Veshita F Tier C
Kasuke F Tier C
Hoku F Tier C
Koji F Tier C

The above rankings are from best to worst. So the S Tier characters are the best and it keeps going down to the F Tier characters that are the worst.

That covers this Tier List of all units in Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD). If you found this list entertaining then also check out our other Tier Lists. And for more help on similar games check out our Roblox Guides.

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