Anime Warriors Tier List

Anime Warriors Tier List Roblox: The complete and definitive community rankings for all the best characters in the game

Anime Warriors is a new Roblox game that has recently come out and we thought it to be a good idea to make a character Tier List. If you are here it means that you have the same idea as us. Mentioned below are all the rankings of the characters in the game. However, do remember that these rankings are based on our understanding of the game. So, scroll down and find out all the Warrior rankings.

Roblox Anime Warriors Tier List

Anime Warriors Tier List

  • To look for any character, simply click Ctrl+F on your desktop or interact with the three dots on the top right of your phone browser.
  • Now just enter the name of the character and look for them in the list given below.
  • Use the arrows on the pop-up box to automatically move the screen over to the character of your choice.
  • Now, simply have a look at the Roblox Anime Warriors Tier List
Broky S – TIER
Uraha S – TIER
Goora S – TIER
Mihoku S – TIER
The 4th S – TIER
Bejita A – TIER
Sanjuro A – TIER
Zabuso A – TIER
Ruyu A – TIER
Pikkoro B – TIER
Kashidori B – TIER
Zorui B – TIER
Nadda B – TIER
Son C – TIER
Ichigan C – TIER
Kid Sassy C – TIER
Narudo C – TIER
Ched C – TIER
Raditsu C – TIER
Usopie D – TIER
Master D – TIER
Axe Wielding Lunatic D – TIER
Kid Goran D – TIER
Yamucha D – TIER
Tion D – TIER
Hikuma D – TIER
Kuririn D – TIER
Mizu F – TIER
Bandits F – TIER
Mist Shinobi F – TIER
Marines F – TIER

This is everything you need to know about the Anime Warriors Tier List in Roblox. While you are here, you can also look at the best Breathing Tier List in Demonfall, Roblox Adopt Me Pets Tier List, and the Anime Mania Character Tier List.