Anime Rifts Race Tier List (October 2023)

Looking for the best race in Anime Rifts? This Tier list has you covered.

Anime Rifts has many different races based on some popular animes hence many players are looking for a Tier List. This game is developed by Adventures Unleashed for Roblox. Some of the popular animes it picks its races from are Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and more. And when a game has many different options for character races some are bound to be better than the others. So let us take a look at the Anime Rifts race Tier List for 2023.

Anime Rifts Race Tier List (October 2023)

anime rifts race tier list

Before we get into this list it is important to remember this is just my recommendation of the best races in Anime Rifts. You might find a race to be better than the others and may feel they are placed in the wrong tier. That is fine because you can still have fun using that race for your character. The S Tier races are the best in the game. A Tier ones come close to S and are another excellent option. B Tier races are good. C Tier is decent and D Tier you can avoid. So without further ado let us check this Tier List.

Race Tier
Beerus S Tier
Cerealian S Tier
Demon S Tier
Mink A Tier
Toppo’s Race A Tier
Angel A Tier
Whis A Tier
Hit’s Race B Tier
Saiyan B Tier
Android B Tier
Bojack Race C Tier
Namekian C Tier
Buter’s Race C Tier
Dodoria’s Race C Tier
Heeter Race C Tier
Skypiean D Tier
Half Saiyan D Tier
Human D Tier
Baby D Tier

That sums up this Anime Rifts race Tier list for November 2022. If you enjoyed this list then you should also check out our other Tier Lists. And if you like playing other similar games then head over to our Roblox section for other helpful guides.