Anime Dimensions Tier List

Here's our Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List with all the 18 characters ranked.

In our Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List, we have ranked them in best to worst from S Tier to F Tier for your convenience.

Anime Dimensions Tier List Wiki

Anime Dimensions Tier List

Scroll below to find all the fighters ranked in our Anime Dimensions Tier List. The best characters are at S Tier, and it goes down till F Tier with the worst characters in the game.

S Tier Kodotoki
A Tier Alturia, Meguretsu, Ramura, Zetsu
B Tier Nojo, Tonjuro
C Tier Cherry, Itabori, Pasta, Yakaza
D Tier Reku, Hatsu
E Tier Fluffy, Kirua, Nardo, Roku
F Tier Ichini

Anime Dimensions Best Character

Kodotoki is hands down one of the best characters in Anime Dimensions. Kodotoki’s abilities are AoE-based damages. His Ice Wall deals 5 consecutive hits to the enemies. His Fire Fist & FireWall can be chained together to deal massive damage to all the enemies in your vicinity. Both these abilities can be combined together to attack the enemies who are clustered together to attack you. You may get rid of all of them with these changed attacks. His Freezing Heatwave first brings out an Ice Wall then followed by a Fire Ball with high damage. Combining all these attacks you have a powerful who is really hard to deal with if you are not careful.

Anime Dimensions Abilities

Here are the abilities of characters in Roblox Anime Dimensions:

Characters 1 2 3 4
Alturia Cross Slash Flying Slice Mana Burst Excalibur
Cherry Throw Kunai Blossom Crush Heal Blossom Strike
Fluffy Pistol Bazooka Rocket Gatling
Hatsu Dragon Fist Dragon Roar Wing Attack Blaze
Ichini Piercer Spin Slash Cross Soul Piercer
Itabori Rapid Fist Divergent Fist Black Flash Cursed Awakening
Kirua Thunder Palm Lighting Rain Whirlwind Godspeed
Kodotoki Ice Wall Fire Fist Fire Wall Freezing Heatwave
Meguretsu Flame Burst Flame Beam Tornado (Flame) Explosion
Nardo Throw Kunai Shadow Clone Engergy Ball Engergy Shuriken
Nojo Blue Red Curtain Hollow Purple
Pasta Slash (Black) Black Meteorite Black Hurricane Divider (Black)
Ramura Black Lightning Gluttony Flare God’s Wrath
Reku Finger Smash Hand Smash Flying Smash Lighting Smash
Roku Rapid Punch Ki Blast Ki Beam Spirit Bomb
Tonjuro Water Slash Water Wheel Whirlpool Flowing Dance
Yakaza Air Explosion Annihilation Crush Compass
Zetsu Flash Six Fold Kiwami Thunder God

That’s our Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List. Also, make sure to check out our updated Anime Dimensions Codes to redeem free rewards. In case you would like to check out more Tier Lists, don’t forget to check out our dedicated section on it.