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Why Are The Animatronics Evil In FNAF Security Breach?

Find out why the Animatronics turn evil in NAF Security Breach and why is Freddy friendly?

The main plot of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is that there’s a child trapped in a Pizzaplex overnight and for some reason, the fun and lively animatronics present there for entertainment turn into killing machines. Your goal, as the child, is to survive and escape. But why are the animatronics evil in FNAF Security Breach? Moreover, why is Freddy friendly? Well, if you are new to the series or just want a refresher, this is why the animatronics become unhinged in the game.

Why do the Animatronics turn Evil & attack you in FNAF Security Breach?

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Here’s the non-spoiler reason why the animatronics are evil in FNAF Security Breach. The animatronics turn evil because they are being controlled by another entity and they are simply behaving as puppets for the main villain for his dark purpose.

Now, if you want to know the in-depth reason why the animatronics become evil, there will be spoilers. This is your spoiler warning! Ready? Keep reading.

As you know, there’s a security guard named Vanessa who is looking for Gregory around the Pizzaplex. But Vanessa has a dark side – Vanny. She’s Vanessa herself but in this form, she’s wearing a Bunny suit and has creepy glowing red eyes. Vanny will wave at you from afar, jump towards you, dance around and during this, the screen will glitch/distort whenever she is nearby. Her mission? To catch children for a sinister purpose. Vanny is actually being controlled by Glitchtrap. And veterans of the franchise will know that Glitchtrap is indeed William Afton.

So, why are the robots evil in FNAF Security Breach? William Afton wants to now resurrect himself from a digital virus to a physical form and for that, he has begun controlling Vanessa/Vanny. With the help of Vanessa, Glitchtrap is hacking the animatronics and security protocols of Fazbear Entertainment. They are victims of the Glitchtrap virus and this is why they are evil and act like crazed robots. Moreover, Glitchtrap is also using them to power himself up which is why the robots look withered.

Why is Freddy Friendly and why does he help you in Security Breach?

In the beginning, you will see that Freddy detects a High Threat level and turns off. Upon starting up again, note that he restarts in safe mode. It is also being theorized that because Freddy was with Gregory and recharging, he escaped from being reprogrammed. But this is not confirmed.

Due to Freddy’s action and the malfunction that happens early on, he has more human-like qualities compared to the other animatronics. He is different because he has empathy – he protects Gregory (you). There’s even a moment when Freddy says the Glitchtrap is trying to take control of him, but he tries to fight it.

So, this is the answer to the question why are the animatronics evil in FNAF Security Breach. If you’d like to know all endings, we’ve got just the guide for you.