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Animal Friends Adventure Is Now Available For Xbox One

Something terrible has occurred in Panda Land

Animal Friends Adventure is out of Xbox One, the game features a cute panda who is trying to save panda land. It is a side-scrolling game with gameplay similar to Mario. As panda, you have to fight enemies and use objects to cross obstacles in your path. There are 8 playable characters in the game, Animal Friends Adventure was released first released in May 2019 on PC.

Players can upgrade the characters adding more power to their attack, for example, a Super Panda can toss acorn grenades that can blow enemies away. In a similar way, an upgraded attack is Love Bomb that is thrown away by Deer’s character in Animal Friends Adventure that unleashes magical hearts that explodes. All 8 characters in Animal Friends Adventure are Super Panda, Deer, Bear, Gorilla, Fox, Lenny the Lemur and Rabit.


Another game that was recently launched for Xbox One is Lumini which you can pre-order for $8.99. The official release date of Lumini for Xbox One is Jan 21, 2020. Animal Friends Adventure is available on Microsoft Store for $15.99.

Deal with Gold list is also out for Xbox offering some interesting titles are highly discounted price. If you had not grabbed titles during near year sale, then here under Deals with Gold you can look for the best games to fill up your Game Library. Discounts under Deals with Golds are valid till January 13, 2020. Check out the full list here – Xbox Deals with Gold Jan 2020.