Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Reaches $150 Million in Revenue

An ancestor's triumph due to its successor's overnight success

Following the release of Animal Crossing: New horizons in March 2020, Nintendo has seen a massive surge of active gamers and an inflow of money amounting to millions in revenue. New Horizons has undoubtedly pushed the franchise to new horizons, overnight success, and prominence in times of the lockdown where people seek comfort in whatever little things they do. New Horizons stimulates creativity and fosters kindness and attachment, that is what sets the standards for this game. Be it a long-tiring day or a dull day full of procrastination, you find yourself equally relieved and lifted on playing this life-simulator. And somehow, this success led to the success of its mobile version released 2 years back.

How much has Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp earned in March and April?

Animal Crossing’s 2017 spinoff – Pocket Camp, has now risen to glory riding on the success of New Horizons. Being a mobile game, Pocket Camp had all the more reason to rise to fame but this became possible only after the success of Nintendo consoles exclusive New Horizons. Pocket Camp has so far hit an astounding 7.1 million downloads worldwide, in the month of April itself and 4.5 million in the month of March.

Post overnight success of New Horizons, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has amassed $7.9 million in the month of April alone with an 800% rise in downloads, through in-game purchases. The last time Pocket Camp had seen such a spike was in August 2019 with a $7.8 million revenue.

Animal Crossing: PocketCamp’s total earnings so far

Nintendo’s home turf, Japan has itself produced $112.8 million, following the United States at $29.2 million, and Great Britain at $2 million. These figures are mind-boggling yet true, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s total earnings are a sweet $150 million – an unbeaten record that might come off as a surprise when you consider it being a mobile simulator.

This brings us to a rather philosophical conclusion – The majority of world yearns for peace and Animal Crossing is where they have found their comfort. To know more about this game, check out our guides on Animal Crossing.