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What Are The Levels In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

All-in-one guide for Levels in animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing has a camp manager level associated with you as you progress in the game. There are in-total 345 levels in the game, where each level gets tougher and tougher to cross. In Pocket Camp, you gain XP points by building friendships with villagers.

For every level progression, you will receive 10 Leaf tickets, 1000 Bells, and additional rewards for particular levels. Extra rewards include Request tickets, Inventory expansions, Market Box, and Craft materials.


Levels in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

You will go to the next level in the game only when you gain a certain number of points. Every level has a different number of point requirements – an increased number of Points for every high level. You do not receive rewards at every level like you might have seen in other games. Here is the list of Points required to upgrade levels in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp –

  • 1-11: 5 Points
  • 12-13: 6 Points
  • 14-15: 7 Points
  • 16: 8 Points
  • 17-18: 9 Points
  • 19-35: 10 Points
  • 36: 12 Points
  • 37: 13 Points
  • 38-39: 14 Points
  • 40-41: 16 Points
  • 42: 18 Points
  • 43-123: 20 Points
  • 124-169: 25 Points
  • 170-232: 30 Points
  • 233-273: 35 Points
  • 274: 10 Points
  • 275-276: 15 Points
  • 277-278: 20 Points
  • 279-281: 25 Points
  • 282-284: 30 Points
  • 285-289: 35 Points
  • 290-293: 40 Points
  • 294-299: 25 Points
  • 300-304: 30 Points
  • 305-309: 35 Points
  • 310-314: 40 Points
  • 315-317: 45 Points
  • 318-321: 50 Points
  • 322-323: 55 Points
  • 324: 60 Points
  • 325-328: 25 Points
  • 329-332: 30 Points
  • 333-338: 35 Points
  • 339-343: 40 Points
  • 344: 45 Points
  • 345: Last Level (No More Progression)


Rewards for Levels in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

For every level is a multiple of 5, you receive 1 Market Box Slot, 10 Inventory spaces, and increased bag space for crafting material. Note that beyond level 120 your Inventory spaces max out and you will no longer receive rewards on level progression from thereon. You have to manage your inventory strategically after level 120.

  • 1: 250 Inventory Spaces, 4 Market Box Slots
  • 5:+10 Inventory Space, +1 Market Box Slot
  • 10: +10 Inventory Space, +1 Market Box Slot, Craft material capacity
  • 15:+10 Inventory Space, +1 Market Box Slot, Craft material capacity
  • 18: +10 Inventory Space, +1 Market Box Slot
  • 20: +10 Inventory Space, Craft material capacity
  • 21: +1 Market Box Slot
  • 24: +1 Market Box Slot
  • 25: +10 Inventory Space, Craft material capacity
  • 27: +1 Market Box Slot
  • 30: +10 Inventory Space, +1 Market Box Slot, Craft material capacity
  • 33: +10 Inventory Space
  • 65: +10 Inventory Space
  • 70: +10 Inventory Space
  • 75: +10 Inventory Space
  • 80: +10 Inventory Space
  • 85: +10 Inventory Space
  • 90: +10 Inventory Space
  • 95: +10 Inventory Space
  • 100: +10 Inventory Space
  • 105: +10 Inventory Space
  • 110: +10 Inventory Space
  • 115:+10 Inventory Space
  • 120:+10 Inventory Space


Villager Unlocks in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

When you level progress in Pocket camp, you unlock new villagers at certain stages. But unlike level rewards, new villagers are unlocked within a range of levels rather than 1 villager for every level. This gives a wide range of choices for the player to choose from. Here is the list of villagers you unlock with level progression in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

  • 1: Apollo, Filbert, Goldie, Jay, Rosie
  • 2-5: Bam, Dotty, Eugene, Freya, Merry
  • 6-19: Ava, Beau, Bianca, Bluebear, Boots, Bunnie, Butch, Carmen, Cherry, Curt, Egbert, Elise, Eloise, Fang, Goose, Kidd, Lily, Margie, Muffy, Naomi, Puck, Robin, Rocco, Shari, Tex, Tia, Vesta, Wendy.
  • 20-39: Alice, Antonio, Apple, Aurora, Bill, Bob, Bree, Broccolo, Bud, Carrie, Chevre, Chrissy, Cube, Diana, Drago, Drake, Flurry, Fuchsia, Gaston, Hans, June, Ketchup, Kid Cat, Kiki, Lobo, Lucky, Maggie, Mira, Mitzi, Patty, Phoebe, Punchy, Rodeo, Sandy, Skye, Sprinkle, Static, Tad, Tank, Twiggy
  • 40-44: Anicotti, Colton, Gladys, Jitters, Julia, Maple, Molly, Pekoe, Poppy, Zell,
  • 45-71: Agnes, Alfonso, Angus, Avery, Bitty, Charlise, Cheri, Claudia, Fauna, Flip, Francine, Hamlet, Hopkins, Julian, Kyle, Marshal, Merengue, Moe, Octavian, Peanut, Peewee, Pierce, Pietro, Raddle, Rex, Roald, Roscoe, Snake, Stella, Stitches, Tom, Tucker, Vic, Whitney, Wolfgang,
  • 72-76: Boone, Cobb, Penelope, Divo, Ribbot


Furniture Unlocks in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

You can unlock different furniture at every level of the game. You are required to unlock specific villagers to unlock that furniture associated with them. Hence with every level, new furniture is unlocked alongside the villagers.

  • 1: Alloe, Hammock, Worktable
  • 2: Minimalist Lamp, Picket Fence, Coral Fence, White Lattice Wall
  • 3: Lovely Table (Basic), Stripe Lamp, Stripe Table, Stripe Closet, Modern Wardrobe, Modern Table (Basic), Green Rug, Picnic Basket, Round Red Rug, Heart Rug, Ivy Partition, Round Pillow (Basic)
  • 4: Bucket Seat, Camper Kitchen, Handwashing Area, Large Bucket Seat, Propane Stove
  • 6: Flower Pot Carpet
  • 10: Balloon Floor, Balloon Wall, Black Square Rug, Block Rug, Blue Bed, Brown Square Rug, Cabin Floor, Cabin Wall, Classic Screen, Cobblestone Rug, Concrete Rug, Dotted Wall, Firewood, Marine Pop Floor, Marine Pop Wall, Modern Wood Flooring, Modern Wood Wall, Neutral Floor, Panel Carpet Floor, Paw-Print Wall, Pink Wood Floor, Road-Closed Rug, Round Blue Rug, Round Yellow Rug, Shanty Mat, Striped Rug, Waiting-Room Wall, White Lattice Fence, White Square Rug, Wooden-Deck Rug
  • 12: Lovely Bed, Lovely Wall, Sleeping Bed
  • 15: Modern Wall, Ranch Flooring, Ranch Wall
  • 17: Classic Wall, Modern Tile
  • 20: Chic Wall, Classic Carpet, Kiddie Bed (Basic), Kiddie Clock (Basic), Kiddie Dresser (Basic)
  • 22: Lovely Screen, Modern Screen
  • 25: Brown Lattice Wall, Stripe Screen
  • 40: Veggie basket, Bird Cage

How to Level Up faster in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

As your level increases in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you receive more upgrades and items that will aid you earn more points and XP in the game. You will receive new Friends, Furniture, bigger Camper vans, and better amenities.

But why wait for so long, to level up in the game when you can level up at an exponential rate. Here are a few tips and tricks on leveling up faster in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp –

  • Make close friendships with every animal camper in the game.
  • Get the right furniture. This will attract more animals.
  • Talk to animals, start random conversations with them.
  • Complete all animal requests.
  • Upgrade your camp amenities. Your animals love it.
  • Always keep your inventory loaded with Bugs, Fruits, Fish, and shells.

Here you have it, The complete guide to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Level. You do not need to go anywhere now, seeking help about levels in Pocket Camp. This is a complete guide to all levels, rewards, unlocks, villagers, and tips on upgrading faster in the game.

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