Angry Birds Characters Guide

A list of all the usual birds and piggies in Angry Birds.

In 2009 the world fell in love with tiny little birds shooting themselves at towers made by fat green piggies. More than 10 years and 20+ games later The Angry Birds franchise is still going strong with new players falling in love with the game and its spinoffs. We think it’s about time we revisit some old (and new) friends with this guide on our favorite Angry Birds characters.

Angry Birds Main Characters

Characters Angry Birds

We’ll split the list between the Birds and the Pigs.


  • Red – The bird that started it all and a natural leader Red is known for two things-his short temper and hatred for Pigs.
  • Chuck (The Yellow Bird) – The fastest bird in the flock, Chuck can’t sit still for too long.
  • The Blues (Jay, Jake, and Jim) – Sitched together as a unit until its time to split the blues are as loyal as they come.
  • Matilda (The White Bird) – One of the most caring and generous birds in the flock, Matilda offers the pigs no mercy as she launches her eggs at them with deadly precision.
  • Bomb (Black Bird) – With his explosive personality and demeanor Bomb spreads dread wherever he flies.
  • Hal (Green Bird) – Can use his massive beak to curve this trajectory mid-air like a boomerang
  • Terence (Big Red Bird) – This absolute unit can decimate any obstacle in his way while being the quietest and most reserved member of the group, a real gentle giant.
  • Bubbles (Orange Bird) – Don’t be fooled by his tiny stature as Bubbles can inflate himself to twice his size. First appearing in Angry Birds Seasons he is now a regular player on team bird.
  • Stella – Her bubbly personality was a great addition to the team when she debuted in Angry Birds Seasons.
  • Tony (Big Blue Bird) – Terrance’s cousin from Finland not only looks just like him but can hold his own against the pigs
  • Silver – The only member of the flock raised by pigs, Silver uses her looping skills to cause havoc to her previous family.
  • Ice Bird – A fan favorite from Angry Birds Space, this cube-shaped bird is known for its pricky exterior and deep freeze attack.


  • Corporal Pig – Green exterior and a metal hat complete this pig’s look. A hard commander on his troops he only has eyes for his hero King Pig.
  • Moustache Pig – A loyal subject of King Pig, this green fellow is a master builder of karts and other vehicles though his building could benefit from a few improvements.
  • King Pig – The real villain of the game and mortal enemy of the flock, King pig commands the loyalty of his subjects. Too afraid to face the birds, he sends endless pigs to do his bidding and steal those precious eggs.

And that’s all we know about the main characters in the Angry Birds series. Check out our guides for other mobile games here on Gamer Tweak.