Resolution Game Confirms Angry Bird VR: Isle of Pig Coming To PSVR Next Week

Destroy the Pig In 3D

Angry Bird VR: Isle of Pig is available for Occulus, Steam and Viveport. Replying to a user on official Youtube channel, Resolution Games confirmed the game is coming to PSVR next Week. The game features an augmented reality environment where players will be playing the popular Angry Birds games differently. The game was announced last month with more than 50 levels and locations like exotic beaches, steep cliffs, and snowy slopes.

In Angry Bird VR: Isle of Pig players will be destroying the structure to earn stars. The game will take you into a three-dimensional spin with a catapult that will be controlled by PlayStation Move controller. Angry Bird series was highly popular on mobile platform, and soon we will be witness a 3D version into a VR with more realistic graphics and fun elements.

If you had still not seen how the VR edition of Angry Bird VR: Isle of Pig looks like then watch the video above.

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