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Ancestor Legacy PS4 Best Faction Guide – Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans & Slavs Tips

Learn about every Faction

The more you know about your troops the better you can manage them, each and every troop has a varying strength and weakness to them and knowing this information will help you when in battle in Ancestors Legacy. This guide will show you different factions and their strong and weak points.

Ancestor Legacy Best Factions Tips


Vikings: Strong brutish Nordic warriors have been embedded in history as one of the most fearsome warriors the world has ever seen, these conquerors use their naval might to travel near and far distances to take over everything in their sights. They are a strong unit and should be played aggressively. Vikings are strong in close combat and will recruit new members quickly which will help you gain a large number soon.

They do have some shortcomings though, they can be countered with ranged units and are easy enough to capture. If you manage to capture a large chunk of the Viking unit early on in the battle, you will cause a big enough damage to your opponent and force him to alter his strategy.

  • Pros: Great at melee attacks, fast recruitment, high morale, and swift mobility.
  • Cons: Expensive technology, expensive armor upgrades, high food consumption and limited ranged units.


Anglo-Saxons: The earliest of the English settlers were one of the strongest units who traveled to the British Isles back in the 5th Century. This faction is known for their defensive attributes and can take on the hardest of circumstances. Anglo-Saxons have created a history for themselves.

But as much as their prowess takes them far, it also limits them to a certain degree, as they can be easily rounded up by traps and if taken on early in the battle they leave a huge dent in the enemies troop cohesion.

  • Pros: Great ranged units, low food consumption, Catapults, and ballistae to destroy enemy buildings and walls, the high defensive potential of the infantry and a high focus on archer technology.
  • Cons: Slow infantry, lack of any kind of cavalry, slow-building time and lack of good visibility.


Germans: One of the most balanced factions in Ancestors Legacy, the Germans are a versatile unit. Their strength comes in their offensive abilities and the fact that they are the pioneers of the art of war.

Germans are like a double-edged sword, they are expensive to have and this precision also, in turn, costs a tremendous amount of time to create building and to move them. They lack units with shields and can be taken down by ranged units.

  • Pros: Strong offense, highly resistant buildings, early access to new technologies, high morale and a wide variety of units.
  • Cons: Slow infantry, expensive units to maintain, no shieldbearers, late access to prayer buffs and creating buildings is expensive.


Slavs: Slavs are probably the best faction at mobility in Ancestors Legacy, their strength is in the fact that they can easily and quickly deal damage to enemies easily overwhelming their defenses. Slavs are best tacticians in laying traps and a good unit for raids.

Slavs are susceptible to Spearmen and can be taken down with ranged units. The lack of a heavy unit makes them nondurable and they cannot soak up attacks. The food consumption is very high and can be a bit difficult to manage at times.

  • Pros: Great mobility, cheap traps, fast recruitment time, ranged cavalry and good visibility.
  • Cons: Low morale, no heavy infantry, high food consumption and late access to technologies.

These are the different factions in Ancestors Legacy and their strong and weak points in the game.