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Among Us Game Crossed 3 Million Active Players This Weekend

The summer and fall of 2020 will no doubt be remembered by many for the rise of Among Us, the title that increased its popularity tremendously and continues to be a sensation. Just last week was one of the best for the title, reaching 3 million active players.


Although the game started to penetrate the masses a few weeks ago, it has proven to have a very attractive proposition for players, as the numbers continue to grow.

Although the number of users is already very high, the developer InnerSloth shared through Twitter that last weekend it was a very active one for Among Us and surpassed its statistics, since more than 3 million simultaneous players were registered, taking into account all available platforms, PC and mobile.

The last number of simultaneous players of Among Us was that of the first week of September, when the title reached 1.5 million users playing at the same time for the first time.

To give you an idea of ​​the interest generated by the game on video platforms, we inform you that on the night of this Monday, September 28, the game is the most popular on Twitch not only in the video game category, but also in overall, since with just over 351,000 viewers it easily surpasses the chatting category (194,891 viewers).

Among Us debuted in 2018, but it wasn’t until August that it began to gain popularity dramatically as it was downloaded 600% more times compared to its previous month, far exceeding the downloads that had been made in the previous 2 years.


The developer welcomed the sudden impact it had on the market and decided to cancel the development of the sequel in order to continue adding new features to the original title. The studio even plans to bring the game to consoles, but there are several obstructions that hold it back.

Among Us is available on PC and mobile.