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Amnesia: Rebirth 5 Minutes of Official Gameplay Revealed

Thanks to a gameplay video, today you can get a longer impression of the soon-to-be-released horror game Amnesia: Rebirth.


Frictional Games published a five-minute-long gameplay video for the horror game Amnesia: Rebirth in the late evening yesterday. The title will be launched in October for PC and PlayStation 4.

Even though the gameplay looks solid, there still seem to be some technical issues, particularly with the refresh rate, which seems to be with less fluid during the gameplay demo.

Amnesia: Rebirth takes you through a multitude of eerie environments, from scorched deserts and dark caves to forgotten ruins and strange landscapes. In doing so, you should learn to carefully explore your surroundings to find the clues you need while at the same time managing vital resources that will help keep Tasi alive and explore the truth.

“Amnesia is not just another haunted house spook-fest, but an emotionally harrowing journey,” said Thomas Grip, Creative Director at Frictional Games recently. “We aim to go beyond simple jump-scares and to affect players on a deeper level. While Rebirth will contain the terrifying encounters and sights you expect from an Amnesia game, it has a lot more focus on narrative than previous entries in the series.”

The title will be released on October 20, 2020, for PC and PlayStation 4. You can watch the gameplay video mentioned at the beginning below: