Where To Find Beatrice In Hugo’s Quarters – A Plague Tale Innocence

Amicia's mother location, find here instantly to progress ahead

In A Plague Tale Innocence after returning to home Robert ask Amicia to find her mother and she has to explore the area a bit finally locate Hugo’s quarter. The place is big and you can lose easily, to save your time in this A Plague Tale Innocence guide you can find the exact location of Amicia’s mother, Beatrice in Hugo’s Quarter.

Amicia’s Mother Location In Hugo’s Quarter

  1. From the place you start, walk straight towards the door and turn left where you will find an old lady cleaning a chicken. Her name is Flore.
  2. Take the door on the right corner, exit from the next door and turn left from the well.
  3. A servant will tell Amicia about her mother’s location. She is upstairs.
  4. Turn left from the main door that will lead you to the stairs. Go up and the first door on the right will lead to Amicia’s mother location.

At the door, you will meet Louise she asks you to follow her for a gift she kept on Amicia’s bed a tablecloth. You can take that and visit the chamber for a cutscene, which completes the objective of finding Beatrice in Hugo’s Quarter. Next, you will have to find Hugo who is in the same room where Amicia finds her mother sitting on a chair. Go left and cross the room to the last one there is a small tent where you will find Hugo.

After the next cutscene you will have to exit with Hugo safely out, follow the Bookshelves and tables around and let the soldiers pass, slowly exit the house. Go to the kitchen area, there is a back door, where Amicia finds her mother. An important thing to remember, do not leave Hugo alone, he will panic and attract enemies in the region.