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AMD Introduces 8Core 16 Threads 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Mobile CPU

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Intel revealed it first Tiger Lake Micro-Architecture, first one to have Intel Xe Graphics that can revolution gamings on notebooks and portable PC’s while AMD not staying behind the curtains bring in its most powerful laptop processor at CES 2020. AMD revealed its 8 Core & 16thread 3rd AMD Ryzen 4000 series GPU to bring disruptive performance for ultra thing computing.

Ryzen 4000 series GPU will be part of U, H, and Pro Series laptops. Intel showcase Tiger Lake targetting 25w GPU offering high-performance discrete GPU that can run games like Destiny 2 on notebooks. Compared to that AMD’s processor focus more on giving more CPU power that fits inside a 15w envelope.


AMD shared some benchmarks of AMD Rzyen 7 4800U against Intel’s 10gen Core i7 series (Ice-Lakes) where it outperforms Intel by 4% on Single-thread, by 90% on Multi-thread and by 28% in Graphics Performance.

Intel Icy Lake vs Amd Ryzen 4000

AMD also shared Ryzen 4000 series is capable of amplifying the battery power of laptops by adding 2x performance. The first model to run AMD Ryzen 4000 shown on CES 2020 was Lenovo’s Yoga Slim 7. World’s thinnest and lightest 8 Core powered laptop, which runs on flagship Ryzen 4800U.


Ryzen 7 4800U Specs:

  • 8 Zen 2 Cores
  • 16 Threads
  • 1.8Ghz Base Frequency
  • Upto 4.2Ghz Boost
  • 8 Radeon Cores
  • 15W TDP

AMD also revealed new Displays coming up in 2020 that range from $89 to $4000 price tag.