Amazon Reportedly Rebranding Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming

According to an insider, Rod Breslau, best known as “Slasher”, it seems that Twitch and Amazon will rebrand Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming. This new name will be similar to that of Prime Music and Prime Video to “make it clearer” to all the members who are using the service.

The insider has received an email from Twitch, in which it is stated that the changes “will offer more opportunities to grow viewership to streamers.” It was also noted that the announcement will be made today on Monday at 11 AM PST/1 PM EST/19:00 CET.

In late July, Twitch added the Sports category to the platform. The service plans to develop this direction with the help of the TwitchSports channel – the broadcast partners are football clubs: London Arsenal, Real Madrid, PSG, and Juventus.

What is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is a service that helps members improve their game experiences by offering exclusive and exciting content for the gamers they already love, and by introducing them to new gamers the will eventually love. All available for free to Amazon Prime members.

The Prime Gaming experience presents a massive and comprehensive catalog of in-game content, including exclusive and time-limited items for the world’s most popular games on all current gaming platforms. It also includes rotating packages of full PC games that can be owned and kept forever at no additional cost and a free monthly channel subscription to be spent on a channel.

In addition, Prime Gaming offers users unrivaled value through its inclusion in the Amazon Prime membership, which also provides members with Prime Video, Prime Music, fast and free shipping from, and many other services (where applicable).