Newbie Guide and Best Tips for Amazon Crucible PVP Shooter

Crucible Guide and Recommendations

Amazon decided to start creating its own video games. Currently, the company has several projects in development, but the first release was the free Crucible team shooter. Despite the fact that the game is clearly inspired by other similar FPS like Paladins or Overwatch, there are also unique mechanics that cannot be found in similar projects. Before jumping into your first battle, we recommend that you read a few Crucible recommendations below.

Before the Start of the Battle, Select the Improvements That Suit Your Style of Game

Before you first appear in the match, you will be allowed to configure the available upgrades. Depending on the decisions made, you will receive certain advantages. At some levels there is only one option. However, with these settings, you can significantly change the role of your hero. Instead of being a tank, you can be a supporter or damager. It all depends on the improvements. If you like to act aggressively, then you probably will not need upgrades that provide allies with protective buffs.

Start Farming Essences Immediately

The next Crucible tip is to farm essences. It will give an advantage over opponents. Yes, there is a great temptation from the very beginning of the match to go in search of enemy players. And although you can take them by surprise while they are engaged in farming, the fact that they are gradually accumulating the Essence and there will be more of it than yours says only one thing. This means that after a few minutes, the enemy team will crush you with the benefits received. Therefore, from the very beginning of the fight, slowly move to the first hive. Try to keep as many Harvesters as possible.

Before Joining the Battle, Stock up First-Aid Kits

The next in our list of best Crucible tips are first-aid kits. Before you start a shootout with enemies, make sure that there are first-aid kits in your inventory. You can find them directly on the game map. And if the team has a captain Mendoza, then you should use his skills. It causes the appearance of a first-aid kit, which can be used by any character.

Use Plants to Get Health, Damage, and Stealth Buffs

A lot of plants are scattered all over the map. And if they are damaged, they will blow haze with buffs. You simply need to go through it. One buff temporarily restores HP, the other increases damage, and the third temporarily makes the hero invisible. But be careful: your enemy will also become invisible if it passes through an area with a buff.

Move Around the Map with Your Allies

There are several reasons why you do not want to run into anyone 1 on 1. It is logical that some classes are stronger than others. And your opponent may not be all alone. His partner may sit ​​somewhere in an ambush, who will attack you at any possible moment. Therefore, it is important almost always to move around the map in a group of two or more people. If you encounter a single goal, and even if the character of the opponent is stronger than yours, you can still turn the outcome of the battle in your favor if you are with your teammate. And believe us, it’s much more interesting to fight 2 on 2, using all the advantages of teamwork.