Amano Pikamee Hogwarts Legacy Controversy – Is She Retiring?

Is Amano Pikamee Taking a Retirement due to the Hogwarts Legacy Controvery? Here's everything you should know.

In lights of the comments made by J.K. Rowling on the Trans Community, multiple popular names suffered a backlash. Amano Pikamee, a VTuber (Streamers who use Avatars during live streams), is one such name who got heavily criticized in a similar fashion. This all started back in February during the release period of Hogwarts Legacy. Amidst all this chaos, the fan-favorite Vtuber has shockingly announced her retirement from her streaming career. Let us take a detailed look at what actually happened in Amano Pikamee’s Hogwarts Legacy Controversy.

Why is Amano Pikamee Retiring? Hogwarts Legacy Connection Explained

Due to the comments made by Rowling, Hogwarts Legacy faced criticism on the internet. It was released back on February 10 globally for all users. However, a couple of days prior, Amano Pikamee said that she will be streaming Hogwarts Legacy. Also, she shared the link for the live stream in advance.

Why is Amano Pikamee Retiring? Hogwarts Legacy Connection Explained

Sadly, this turned into a series of unfortunate events as it was not well received by some audiences. They claimed that Amano Pikamee is supporting Rowling’s comment on the Trans community. This resulted in Amano Pikamee getting bullied by the netizens. After this Hogwarts Legacy Controversy, Amano Pikamee went inactive for a while.

In the meanwhile, VOMS Project made a very shocking announcement on Twitter on March 1, 2023. Wherein, they stated that Amano Pikamee will be “Graduated” from VOMS Project as of March 31.

Further, they also requested the fans to extend support towards her until her remaining time as a Vtuber. Unfortunately, after March 31, her channel & videos will go private. Moreover, all of the Pikamee Merch will no longer be available for sale. Graduating doesn’t really mean Graduating but retiring here. So yes, Amano Pikamee is retiring her career due to the Hogwarts Legacy Controversy.

Between all this, Amano Pikamee posted a Video with the title “Arigatou!” on the channel. She uploaded it to thank all her viewers and Voms Project for all the love she received. In addition, she said that she will be streaming a final video on March 31.

That’s everything covered in the Amano Pikamee Controversy over Hogwarts Legacy. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our News & Features Category for more such content.